No promises, agreements or representations of All Seasons Fuel LLC shall be binding upon All Seasons Fuel LLC unless made a part of the contract in writing.

1. All Seasons Fuel LLC will deliver the contracted gallons of home heating oil at the AGREED FIXED PRICE. The buyer agrees to purchase and take delivery of the amount of fuel that is purchased at the agreed upon price.  Any additional fuel that is needed for the 2018-19 heating season will be delivered at the then current daily price. The heating season runs from October 1st, 2018 to May 31st, 2019.

2. The buyer may not withdraw from this contract until the buyer has accepted all contracted gallons thus fulfilling the buyers obligation to All Seasons Fuel LLC. If the buyer breaches this contract, the buyer will agree to pay  All Seasons Fuel LLC any legal fees and damages.

3. All taxes and governmental charges imposed shall be added to the price paid by the buyer.

4. If the buyer moves during the agreed upon contract season, All Seasons Fuel LLC will deliver fuel to any new location within the scope of the All Seasons Fuel LLC delivery area. If the buyer moves out of the delivery area of All Seasons Fuel LLC, All Seasons Fuel LLC will return any funds not used to that date back to the buyer.

5. The buyer is responsible to allow All Seasons Fuel LLC safe passage upon their property for the purpose of delivering fuel or accessing their heating system. All Seasons Fuel LLC will not be liable for undeliverable fuels due to Acts of God or due to circumstances outside the control of All Seasons Fuel.

6. All Seasons Fuel LLC holds the right to postpone or cancel delivery without liability. Should this even occur, the buyer will be notified as soon as possible and made aware of available options.

7. All Seasons Fuel LLC reserves the right to deny delivery to the buyer due to unsafe storage of heating fuels that do not meet national and local standards. If the buyers storage is not adequate to meet those standards, All Seasons Fuel LLC will return the funds used for the purchase of product until the buyer is able to fix or comply with those standards.